Timeline is a mash-up page for all the timeline of all the worlds featured on Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. The timeline is done based on the show's actual timeline but some speculation is involved as most of the events featured on the show has no known period of time.

Checklist (Episodes Done)

  • S1 : 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106
  • S2 : 209 (only flashback), 217 (only flashback), 218 (only flashback), 221 (only part where Regina kills Kurt and buries him at his campsite)
  • S3 :
  • W : W101, W13 (ending fast forward only)
  • S4 : 401 (flashback only), 402 (flashback only) '’
  • S5 :
  • S6 : 616 (only one part, the creation of the Dark Curse by Black Fairy), 619, 620, 621, 622 (only beginning scene)
  • S7 : 701, 702, 703 (flashback)
Before First Curse

Fiona gives birth to a baby boy with Malcolm in her cottage. Immediately, the Blue Fairy and Tiger Lily, the boys fairy godmother, arrives. Fiona is told that her son is destined to be a savior in the far future by the Blue Fairy. With help from Tiger Lily, Fiona learns about the prophecy and finds out that her son would die in the hands of evil. Worried about her son’s safety, she asks for more information through books from Tiger Lily. Feeling that the information is not enough, she steals Tiger Lily’s wand and turns herself into a fairy to protect her son. ("The Black Fairy")

Since then, Fiona, along with Tiger Lily, scout the realm for the child destined to kill her son. Believed that the child born during the winter season has a crescent moon scar, she checks all the babies in the land, but to no avail. Fiona then asks Tiger Lily to help her break into the Sacred Vault of the Fairies to create a forbidden spell. In the vault, Tiger Lily finds out that Fiona had lied to her and that she intend to create the Dark Curse to whisk all the babies to the Land Without Magic. Therefore, Tiger Lily refuses to help Fiona. Angered at the turn of events, Fiona rips Tiger Lily's heart out and commands her to help. As Fiona used magic for dark purpose, she immediately turned into a dark fairy, the destined evil with the crescent scar prophesied to kill the Savior. The Blue Fairy interrupts the mishap and returns Tiger Lily's heart. Fiona pleads the two fairies into helping her save her child and is given the Shears of Destiny by Tiger Lily, hoping Fiona would cut her destiny to save the child. Instead, Fiona keeps her powers and cuts her son's destiny of becoming the Savior so that she can protect him forever. As punishment for choosing poorly, the Blue Fairy banishes Fiona to the Dark Realm, a land where time runs differently. The Blue Fairy and Tiger Lily then returns the child to Malcolm and unwillingly lies that Fiona died protecting their child. Bitterly, Malcolm names the child Rumplestiltskin. ("The Black Fairy")

In the Dark Realm, Fiona, now known as the Black Fairy, kidnaps children from their fairy godmothers and force them to mine dark fairy dust. Obtaining enough dust, she is able to create the Dark Curse. ("Mother's Little Helper")

As a pickpocket, Jiminy desires a chance to be a good person, but his parents, Martin and Myrna forces him to take part in their cons in cheating and stealing from people. After stealing some goods, Jiminy tells Martin and Myrna of his desires to leave the business. ("That Still Small Voice")

As a grown adult, Jiminy, still stuck with his parents, continues to aid them in their cons. He meets a young boy who urges him to follow his conscience. Feeling confident, Jiminy goes to Rumplestiltskin and makes a deal with him to free himself from his parents. Jiminy is given a tonic that is to be given to his parents. Later in the evening, part of another con, Jiminy and his parents exchange a plague immunization tonic for goods from a couple. After the con, Jiminy finds out that his father switched Rumpelstiltskin's tonic with the one they sold, and finds that the couple have been turned into dolls. Regretting his actions, Jiminy makes a wish and receives an answer in the form of the Blue Fairy. The Blue Fairy turns Jiminy into a cricket and tells him that he has a chance to help someone in the future, starting with the young boy, Geppetto, who is the couple's son. ("That Still Small Voice")

In Victorian England, Alice follows the White Rabbit down a rabbit hole to Wonderland, where she have many adventures while meeting the Cheshire Cat and the Red Queen. After a long time, Alice returns home and tells her father about her adventures. Edwin, shocked that Alice is still alive, thinks she's lying and calls Dr. Arthur Lydgate for assistance. Dr. Lydgate claims that Alice is delusional, but Alice is determined to find proof of Wonderland's existence. Since then on, Alice had gone back and forth from Victorian England to Wonderland for something to bring back home. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

On the way back to Arendelle, Queen Gerda and the King gets caught in a storm at Poseidon's Boneyard. Fearing that they may never get back home, Queen Gerda writes a letter for Elsa and Anna to let them know about her past with her sisters Ingrid and Helga, asking Elsa to embrace her magic and to free Ingrid from an urn in a cave. She places the letter in a bottle and launches it into the sea as the storm destroys their ship with them in it. After their death, Elsa becomes the new Queen of Arendelle. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Five years since their parents death, Elsa and Anna visits their grave days before Anna's wedding to Kristoff, placing a bouquet of flowers for each of them. Afterwards, they go to the castle's attic in preparation for Anna's wedding. There, Elsa finds her mother's journal about their quest to a realm called Misthaven to find a way to contain Elsa's magic. While Elsa feels guilty, Anna visits Grand Pabbie and finds out from him about her parents quest. Without Elsa's knowledge, Anna boards a ship with hopes to get to Misthaven. When Elsa notices Anna's absence, she questions Kristoff who lies at first but eventually tells Elsa about Anna's quest. Elsa rushes to the docks to stop Anna, but finds that the ship Anna boarded had left the pier moments earlier. Elsa questions Kristoff about Misthaven as she isn't familiar with the realm. In return, Kristoff tells her that Misthaven is another name for the Enchanted Forest, according to its inhabitants. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

A few days journey, Anna arrives in the Enchanted Forest and meets up with David and his mother on their farm. Anna goes by the name "Joan" to keep her identity a secret, but David immediately recognizes her as Kristoff's fiancé. At the time, a warlord, Bo Peep, threatens David and his mother for not paying her debt. She brands them with her crook to prevent them from escaping to another land. After Bo Peep leaves, Anna volunteers to help David fight and gets into a brief conversation on David's alcoholic father. Anna trains David in sword fighting for his fight with Bo Peep. The next day, Anna goes missing as she had been taken and branded by Bo Peep. She intimidates David as his debt had yet to be paid. Using his sword fighting lessons, he fights through Bo Peep's men and eventually, her as well. Defeating her, David grabs her crook and locates Anna at Bo Peep's barn.He thanks her for helping him and takes her back to his farm. Afterwards, prepared to continue her journey, Anna asks David's mother, Ruth, if she knows anyone capable of using magic. Ruth hands her a letter with a magician's name written on it as Anna rides away with David's prized horse gifted to her by David. On the way, she reads out loud the magician’s name, revealing him to be Rumplestiltskin while Rumplestiltskin himself spies on Anna through his crystal ball. ("White Out")

While Anna spend time in the Enchanted Forest, Elsa becomes worried about Anna's fate as nobody had heard from her. Elsa's then alerted that Prince Hans and his brothers are leading an army to invade her kingdom to take over all of Arendelle. Kristoff volunteers to scout on Prince Hans and his army, but is objected by Elsa. Kristoff secretly spies on Prince Hans with Sven, his reindeer. Finding out that Prince Hans plans to obtain an urn which has the power to defeat Elsa, Kristoff returns to the Kingdom of Arendelle to alert Elsa. Kristoff again volunteers to take some guards to the North Valley to obtain the urn. Instead, Elsa volunteers herself to be Kristoff's companion. Traveling to the North Valley, Elsa and Kristoff ends up in a cave where they find the urn. Elsa notices some ancient writings on the urn and decides to keep it despite Kristoff wanting her to destroy the urn. Elsa feels that there may be others like her in the outside world, and the writings may lead her to them. Moments later, Prince Hans and two of his brothers shows up. They put on a fight against Elsa and Kristoff, and Prince Hans captures Kristoff. He threatens to kill Kristoff if Elsa refuses to hand him the urn. In order to save Kristoff, Elsa hands the urn to Prince Hans. With the urn in his possession, Prince Hans opens it, hoping to entrap Elsa in it, but is shocked when someone else comes out of the urn, a women known as Ingrid. She then unleashes ice magic towards Prince Hans, freezing him solid as his brothers scatters in fear. When Ingrid questions Kristoff's loyalty, Elsa tells her that Kristoff's a friend. Returning home, Ingrid reveals to Elsa that she is her mother's sister and is hoping to catch up with Queen Gerda. Ingrid is told that both Queen Gerda and the King had died. Elsa also tells Ingrid about Anna's disappearance and fears that Anna too is dead. Ingrid assures her that everything will be fine. ("Rocky Road")

Prince James competes in a battle against a challenger to prepare himself to slay a dragon as part of a deal between his father, King George, and King Midas. After winning the fight, Prince James celebrates with the others, but is killed by the nearly dead challenger, which worries King George about his kingdom's future. Rumplestiltskin offers help to retrieve James' twin brother from Prince James' biological family. to pose as Prince James. At a nearby valley, David tends to his flock of goats as his mother arrives home from the market. His mother, Ruth, mentions about an arranged marriage to David for the sake of a dowry to save their farm, but David assures her that he wants to marry out of true love. At the time, Rumplestiltskin arrives and tells David about his parents dark past, where James was traded to King George in order to save the farm and also King George's offer. David forgives his mother's doing and reluctantly accepts the offer for the future of their farm. Posing as Prince James, David takes an army to a nearby cave to kill a dragon, but the dragon kill them all, leaving David to fend for himself. David single handedly kills the dragon and brings its head to King Midas as proof. Plead of David's work, King Midas offers his daughter's hand in marriage to unite the two kingdoms, not knowing that Prince James is dead. As David attempts to turn down the offer, King George whispers into his ear and threatens to kill him, his mother and take away their farm if he refuses to marry Princess Abigail, King Midas' daughter. With nowhere to turn, David accepts the offer. David returns to his farm and tells his mother that he is forced to marry Princess Abigail and that he can never see her again, for her safety. Sadden, Ruth gives David a ring with hopes that his one true love would one day wear it. David then returns to King George's kingdom and embraces his secret identity as "Prince James". King Midas introduces him to Princess Abigail and together, they ride a carriage to King Midas' kingdom. ("The Shepherd")

On the way to King Midas' kingdom, Prince David and his fiancé, Princess Abigail, are stopped by a fallen tree. As the guards and David attempts to move it away from the path, he notices that the tree had been cut down. He motions the guards that this is an ambush attempt. A thief ambushes the carriage and steals a bag of valuables, including a wedding ring. David chases after the hooded thief and knocks the thief off his horse. He discovers that the thief is a women, Snow White. Snow knocks him down with a rock and runs away as David swears that he will find her. ("Snow Falls")

Tracking down Snow White, Prince David sets a trap for her. As Snow walks through the forest, she gets trapped in a net. She mocks him and nicknames him as Charming. Still trapped in the net, Snow is forced to make a deal with David to be freed. Since Snow had already sold the jewels, she agrees to help him get the jewels back. Along the way, David notices a wanted poster of Snow in her bag, leading to a brief conversation of Snow's history with the Evil Queen. Approaching a nearby river, Snow tricks David and escapes but along the way, gets captured by the Black Knights. As ordered by the Evil Queen, the knights tries to take Snow's heart. David attacks them and two of the knights are killed. One of the knights captures Snow and escapes on horseback. David goes after the knight and dispatches him with an arrow, saving Snow. As thanks for saving her life, Snow decides to trust David by bringing him to the place she sold the jewels. They reach the troll bridge and Snow reaches out to the trolls. She asks the trolls if she could buy back the wedding ring. The trolls, growing suspicious on Snow's proposal, notices the wanted poster of Snow in her bag and fights back. As they fight, Snow escapes the scene, but noticed that David is still trap with the trolls. She goes back to his aid and uses dark fairy dust, which she got from the Black Fairy, to turn the trolls into bugs. Surprised that Snow helped him, she tells David that she wanted to replay him for saving her life earlier. Snow returns the jewels and the wedding ring back to him. As the two talk, Snow tries on the ring to see if it matches with her and gives it back after thinking it's not and part ways with him. ("Snow Falls")

Running from the Queen of Hearts' army, Alice uses a mushroom to shrink herself to lay low. Unexpectedly, she finds a bottle with a genie in it named Cyrus. Briefly, Cyrus tells her that he's originally from Agrabah and can grant wishes. He gives her three wishing gems for her three wishes, but Alice decides to not wish, yet. After the mushroom's effects had run out, Alice returns back to her original size and decides to free the White Rabbit, believing she does not require proof for her father anymore. Secretly, both Cyrus and Alice loves each other but refuse to tell one another. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

Riding on horseback, Prince Charming arrives at Snow White's glass coffin in the woods. Surrounding the coffin is the dwarves who tells that he is too late. Hoping to say farewell to his love, the dwarves removes the coffin lid. The moment Charming kisses Snow, the sleeping curse brakes and she awakens. ("Pilot")

Alice and Cyrus goes to the Boiling Sea where Cyrus proposes to Alice to marry him. The proposal is interrupted by the Red Queen and her army. In a plot with Jafar, the Red Queen commands her army to attack Alice and Cyrus and eventually, she uses her magic to throw Cyrus off the cliff down to the Boiling Sea and is captured by Jafar with his magic carpet. Believed that Cyrus is dead, Alice decides to return home to Victorian England while Jafar locks Cyrus away in a silver age in his tower. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

On the wedding day of Snow White and Prince Charming, the Evil Queen shows up uninvited. The Evil Queen gives a gift - a happy day, to the couple and vows that she will cast a powerful curse that will remove everyone’s “happily ever after" and manifests away. ("Pilot")

After sundown, the Evil Queen goes to the Forbidden Fortress and seeks out Maleficent, hoping to get back the Dark Curse from her. Maleficent refuses to return the curse, so in return, she challenges Maleficent in a dual. As the two sorceress fight, the Evil Queen uses Maleficent's pet unicorn as leverage, threatening to harm it. Out of love, Maleficent protects the unicorn and gets entrapped by the Evil Queen. Successfully winning the fight, she removes the curse's scroll from Maleficent's staff. As she leaves the fortress, Maleficent pleads with her to not cast the curse, but is ignored. ("The Thing You Love Most")

As her step-family leaves their estate to go to a ball at the King's castle, Ella remains home to tend to her chores, despite wanting to go to the ball. A fairy godmother appears to her, hoping to grant her wish but is killed immediately by Rumplestiltskin, who then takes her wand. Rumplestiltskin then offers a deal to Ella by making her look like a princess for the ball. Before she leaves, Rumplestiltskin warns her about the price of magic. ("The Price of Gold")

On Prince Thomas and Ella's wedding day, a grand ball is arranged to honor them. They are greeted by Prince Charming and Snow White, who congratulates them. After the wedding, Ella is visited by Rumplestiltskin, ready to claim his price for magic. Ella offers him gold and jewels but Rumplestiltskin motions his dissatisfaction with riches and wants her first born child instead, something Ella is determined to never give. ("The Price of Gold")

When Ella gets pregnant, she attempts to leave her kingdom out of fear that Rumplestiltskin will take her child. Prince Thomas catches her in the act and is told about her pregnancy and deal with Rumplestiltskin. Thomas seeks help from Prince Charming and comes up with a plan with the Blue Fairy, Grumpy and the other dwarves. The dwarves builds a magical underground prison that is capable to trap Rumplestiltskin. Ella then lures Rumplestiltskin into making another deal by lying to him that she is expecting twins and wants to give her second child in exchange for improved crops and wealth of her kingdom. Greedily, Rumplestiltskin agrees, but as soon as he signs the contract, he is rendered powerless by a magical quill. He is then captured but Thomas disappears. As Ella demands Rumplestiltskin to tell her Thomas' whereabouts, he claims that he's not responsible for his disappearance. Rumplestiltskin reminds her that all magic comes with a price and until his debt is paid, she'll never see him again. Rumplestiltskin is then imprisoned in the underground prison. ("The Price of Gold")

Snow White and Prince Charming visits Rumplestiltskin at the underground prison to find out more on the Evil Queen’s threat. As Rumplestiltskin is unwilling to help without making a deal, Snow agrees to give him her child’s name. Rumplestiltskin informs Snow that the curse will be cast, and everyone will be ripped away to a new land, where time will stand still and the Evil Queen will celebrate her victory. He urges Snow to get her child to safety as the child is the key to breaking the Evil Queen’s curse in twenty-eight years time. Snow then tells Rumplestiltskin that the child’s name is Emma, despite protest from Charming. Returning back to their castle, Snow makes a wish to secure her unborn daughter's safety and happiness which causes all the realms to break out in song. ("Pilot", "The Song in Your Heart")

The following day, Snow White wakes up to singing birds and notices that everything she says comes out in song. Together with Prince Charming, they both sing "Powerful Magic" while their handmaidens readies them. They discover that through song, they can defeat the Evil Queen. At the Evil Queen's palace, she releases her frustration of Snow's wish in song to her Magic Mirror and notices the citizens of her realm are also affected by the wish. The changes tune as she visits her people to disturb their lives for singing which dancing her way into how she can destroy their happiness in the process. Meanwhile, Charming and Snow visits a tavern to find for Captain Hook to enlists him to escort them safely to the Evil Queen's palace. Hook sings a song about revenge on Rumplestiltskin, but does not know his whereabouts. Snow and Charming tells him that they have Rumplestiltskin in their underground cell and is willing to give him up for their save passageway. Hook agrees and escorts them to the Evil Queen's palace. The Evil Queen visits Rumplestiltskin in his cell to find a way to destroy the wish, and unwillingly learns that she is not Rumplestiltskin's most powerful student. At the same time, in the Land of Oz, Zelena sings her way about being wicked and her future plans to get even with her half-sister and Rumplestiltskin while ravaging through the Kingdom of the Munchkins. She also creates a magical box capable of sucking everyone's song to let Regina seemingly win and sends it to the Enchanted Forest, where the Evil Queen finds it. When Snow and Charming enters her palace for a musical duel, the Evil Queen uses the magical box and sucks everyone's song into the box and victoriously manifests Snow and Charming back to their castle. Sadden that she couldn't defeat the Evil Queen, Snow is approached by the Blue Fairy who tells her that the songs were never meant to be used against the Evil Queen, as it was for Emma, their unborn daughter. The Blue Fairy whisks all the songs into Emma's heart and tells them it will be useful for a major battle that Emma will face in the far future. ("The Song in Your Heart")

Forming a war council, Prince Charming and the other members debate on whether to kill the Evil Queen before she cast her curse. As they discuss, the Blue Fairy interrupts them with a cut down tree. She tells Snow White and Charming that the tree is enchanted and can be made into a wardrobe which will protect only one from the curse which will transport him or her to another land. Geppetto agrees with the Blue Fairy and mentions that he and Pinocchio can build the wardrobe. Despite this, Snow has skeptical thoughts on the plan, but Charming assures her that despite being separated for twenty-eight years, she and their child will reunite with him years later. ("Pilot")

Returning from Neverland, Captain Hook breaks into the Evil Queen's palace to seek guidance from one of her prisoners. He goes to Belle's cell and offers to free her from captive while questioning her about a way to kill Rumplestiltskin. As she was of no use, Hook tries to kill her but is prevented by the Evil Queen. The Evil Queen takes him to her chamber and tells him that she can give him what he wants. She tells Hook about her plan to cast a curse which will rip everyone to a land without magic, where he can kill Rumplestiltskin without acquiring any magical weapon. As Hook agrees, she tells him that she wants him to kill her mother. Before she further instructs him, she tests him by asking him to kill his father. ("Queen of Hearts")

Since completing the Evil Queen's test, Captain Hook returns to her palace. The Evil Queen enchants his hook to be able to rip her mother's heart out. Using Jefferson's hat, she sends Hook and the corpse of Claude to Wonderland with hopes he would return with her mother's corpse. In Wonderland, Hook is brought upon the Queen of Hearts where he tells her that he is on a mission to kill Cora. Angered at his remark, the Queen of Hearts reveals herself as Cora and dismisses her subjects. After the subjects had left, Hook plunges into Cora's chest, but finds her heart missing. Cora then does the same to Hook and finds out that her daughter sent him. She then forces Hook to tell her everything. After fully understanding her daughter's soon-to-be curse, Cora tells Hook that he will never win with Regina as the curse would strip away his identity. Instead, she offers him help to grant his revenge on Rumplestiltskin, to which he accepts. Cora fakes her death and returns to the Enchanted Forest to kill her daughter. The Evil Queen places Cora's corpse in a coffin in her vault and tearfully tells Cora that she is her weakness, and she can't have any weakness in order to succeed with her curse. After the Evil Queen leaves, Hook helps Cora out of her coffin and questions her action of sparing her daughter. Cora reveals that considering her daughter still loves her, they have to change plans and get ready for the curse. ("Queen of Hearts")

After an encounter with magic, somehow, Tamara ends up in the Land Without Magic where she becomes determined to cleanse the land from magic, seeing it has unholy. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

Assembling a group of dark souls, the Evil Queen demands a lock of hair from each of them as ingredients to cast the curse and threatens to harm them if they don't comply. After getting the ingredients, she mixes them with the heart of her prized stallion as sacrifice to complete the spell to enact the curse. However, the curse barely works and fails within seconds. One of the participants, the Gnome, laughs at the Evil Queen’s failure and is petrified. The Evil Queen then goes to Rumplestiltskin's prison cell to seek his guidance. Rumplestiltskin tells her that she needs to sacrifice the heart of the thing she love most in order for the curse to works. Devastated at his answer, the Evil Queen returns home. Upon returning, her father, Prince Henry, comforts her and asks her to move on from revenge, but the Evil Queen rips his heart out. Despite his plea to give up on revenge, she crushes his heart and uses it to complete the spell. As the curse begins to form, the Evil Queen lays a rose on her father's grave, proving her love for him. She then proceeds to her carriage to get to the Royal Castle. ("The Thing You Love Most")

As the Dark Curse is cast, Snow White goes into labor, giving birth to a healthy baby girl, Emma. Snow demands Prince Charming to take Emma to the wardrobe to give her her best chance. At the same time, the Evil Queen and her Black Knights ambush the castle. Although initially not agreeing to Snow’s plan, Charming makes his way to Emma’s nursery and places her into the wardrobe, but collapse moments later due to battle wounds he sustain earlier from fighting the Black Knights. Moments later, Snow finds her husband laying down, unconscious. As Snow tries to make him up with true love’s kiss, the Evil Queen strolls into the room happily. One of the Black Knights tells her that the child is gone after being placed in the wardrobe. Snow mocks the Evil Queen, telling her that in due time, she will lose. The curse approaches the castle roughly, destroys it and consumes everyone in it. Snow asks the Evil Queen where the curse was going to take them and the Evil Queen replies with “somewhere horrible, absolutely horrible”. ("Pilot")

As the curse continues to spread across the land, Cora and Captain Hook make their way to a small island where Cora uses a powerful scepter and shields part of the land from the Evil Queen's curse. While the curse continues to engulf the protection barrier, Cora tells Hook that despite being spared from the curse, they both, along with everyone left behind, will be frozen for twenty-eight years and when time resumes, so shall their quest. ("Queen of Hearts")

During First Curse

In 1983, all cursed inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest arrive in the Land Without Magic in a newly created town of Storybrooke as the rest of the lands with magic freezes in time. Two camp-goers witness the curse approaching into the land, but assumes it's an electrical storm. After the storm wears off, the camp-goers, Kurt Flynn and his son Owen, tries to get to the nearest town for help after the "storm" wrecks their car. Owen notices a town nearby, despite confusions from Kurt who confirms that they passed by that route a day earlier, which was just a forest. They enter the town and is greeted by Sheriff Graham Humbert. At the same time, Regina awakens and happily strolls the streets of the town, finally winning her fight with Snow White. She revels in the townspeople's mundane and repetitive lives where everyday, Regina wakes up in her bed, takes a stroll around town, sees Marco fixing a billboard, Mr. Gold taking a walk with a limb, Granny and Ruby arguing, Dr. Archibald Hopper taking Pongo for a walk and Mary Margaret volunteering at Storybrooke's General Hospital wile tending to a John Doe. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

While having breakfast at Granny's Diner, she finds out about the outsiders in Storybrooke and voices her displeasure with Sheriff Humbert. She forces Billy, the mechanic, to fix the Flynn's car faster to get them back to New Jersey. Over time, Regina gets bored with the town's repetitive life and confronts Mr. Gold about the curse. As he was of no help, Regina realizes that she has grown fond of Owen. She invites Owen and his father to her residence for dinner and finds out that Owen's mother died a few months back. She suggests that Kurt and Owen move to Storybrooke for a fresh start, however, although Owen is fond of the idea, Kurt insists that their life is back in New Jersey. The next day, Regina asks Billy to take his time with the car repair, but learns that the Flynns had already took their car and is on their way back to New Jersey. Regina goes to her office and uses Sheriff Humbert's heart to control him, commanding him to get to the Flynns before they step over the town line and arrest the father for drunk driving. As Regina places Sheriff Humbert's heart back into a box, she finds out that Kurt had overheard her. As Regina tries to explain to him, Sheriff Humbert marches into the office and tries to arrest Kurt for drunk driving, despite not being in a car. Kurt fights Sheriff Humbert off and escapes from the office. He drives away from the town with Owen as Regina and Sheriff Humbert chases them down. Upon reaching the town line, their car is blocked by Sheriff Humbert's patrol car. Kurt forces Owen to leave Storybrooke without him as Regina and Sheriff Humbert approaches them. Owen runs far away from the town line and witness Sheriff Graham arresting his father. Hours later, Owen brings some policemen to the town line to help save his father, but the trio are not able to see the town. Owen pledges that he will find his father while Regina tearfully looks upon him from inside Storybrooke's protection barrier at the town line. She then kills Kurt and buries him at their campsite. ("Welcome to Storybrooke", "Second Star to the Right")

In 1991, living in a fosters home, Emma decides to sing which she hopes will be her future to a better life, only to have another girl interrupt her, reminding Emma that she'll always be an orphan just like the rest of them. ("The Song in Your Heart")

Living as a bails bonds person, Emma Swan tricks Ryan into having dinner with her where she captures him. After a hard day’s work, she returns home to celebrate her twenty-eighth birthday alone. After making a wish, a ten year old boy, Henry, shows up at her door step, claiming to be her son whom was given up for adoption ten years ago. Despite being his biological mother, Emma decides to bring the boy home to Storybrooke, Maine. On the way, Henry tells her about his Once Upon a Time book where he thinks all the characters in the book are real and cursed in Storybrooke by an Evil Queen. Arriving in Storybrooke, Emma encounters the boy’s shrink, Dr. Archibald Hopper, who Henry insists is none other than Jiminy Cricket. Emma finds out from him that Henry’s adopted mother is the Mayor of Storybrooke. Emma brings Henry home and is introduced to Regina Mills, the boy’s adopted mother. After having a drink with Regina, Emma decides to leave town but gets into a minor accident when a wolf appears out of nowhere onto the street. Emma is brought to jail by Sheriff Graham Humbert. ("Pilot")

In the morning, Regina storms into the station for Sheriff Graham’s help to locate Henry after he goes missing. Emma decides to help them by tracking down Henry’s deleted browsers on his desktop, leading Emma and Regina to Henry’s school teacher, Mary Margaret Blanchard. They find out that Henry stole Mary Margaret’s credit card and used it to locate Emma in Boston. Realising that Mary Margaret is no use, Regina storms out angrily as Emma and Mary Margaret have a brief conversation, leading her into telling Emma to check Henry’s “castle”. Emma finds Henry at his “castle” at the playground. The two talk and Emma decides to stay in Storybrooke temporarily, especially after Regina warns her to leave town which made Emma suspicious of Regina’s motives. Shortly after speaking with Emma, Mary Margaret goes to Storybrooke’s General Hospital where she does her daily volunteering work and looks upon a coma patient, John Doe. At Regina’s residence, Regina confiscates the Once Upon a Time book from Henry, worried that someone may find out about her past as the Evil Queen. Around evening, Emma arrives at Granny’s Bed & Breakfast and rents a room for the week. She also meets Mr. Gold, a pawnshop keeper and owner of the town. When Emma mentions her name to him, Mr. Gold pauses briefly, as if he knew her, before wishing her well. As Emma takes the room key from Granny, indicating her stay in Storybrooke, the town’s clock tower, previously frozen at 8:15, begins moving again. ("Pilot")

Immediately after Emma decides to stay in Storybrooke, August Wayne Booth awakes in Phuket, Thailand at 8:15 in the morning with pain to his leg. He discovers that he is turning back into wood and seeks help at a hospital in Hong Kong. The doctor claims that August is mentally ill and requests the orderly to remand him. After a narrow escape from the orderlies, August is approached by a man who claims he knows a powerful healer, the Dragon, who can cure August's problem for a price. The man brings him to a healing clinic where August awaits his turn. At the time, Tamara was also visiting the Dragon, who was searching for magical beings. Tamara lies to the Dragon on having cancer and requires a cure. In return, she had to give a photograph of herself with her grandmother as a personal item. After she left the clinic, August consults the Dragon and finds out that the Dragon is not from the Land Without Magic. After giving a personal item to him, the Dragon asks for ten thousand U.S. dollar as payment for the cure by nightfall. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

In the morning, Regina finds out that the town clock tower began moving again. She then looks through the Once Upon a Time book and notices a missing page towards the end. She confronts Henry about the missing page, to which Henry lies and says the page is missing as it’s an old book. Believing Emma will take Henry away from her, she encourages Emma to leave town. Regina then goes to Sidney Glass, an editor of The Daily Mirror for help into publishing a front page story on Emma’s auto accident to portray Emma in a poor light. Henry approaches Emma and creates a plan called “Operation Cobra” to break the curse. He tells Emma that only she can break the curse as she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. Concern about Henry’s well-being, Emma sees Dr. Hopper and is given Henry’s files, only to be arrested later by Sheriff Graham for stealing. Emma is bailed out by Mary Margaret and Henry. She then confronts Regina and uses a chainsaw to take down Regina’s apple tree, provoking another confrontation. Returning to Granny’s Bred & Breakfast, Granny apologetically kicks out Emma due to the inn’s “no felons” policy. Regina then calls Emma and asks Emma to meet her at her office for a truce. The two discuss about Henry, and Emma notes that she is worried about Henry’s crazy fantasy on fairy tales. Henry overhears Emma and runaway, with Emma finding out that this was all a setup done by Regina. Emma finds Henry at Dr. Hopper’s office and apologies to Henry, telling him that she thinks the curse is crazy, but believes in it. She also notes that that in order to break the curse, they must keep Regina off their trail by making her think that they don’t believe in the curse, making Henry burn the missing page of his book that contains Emma’s birth story. ("The Thing You Love Most")

After nightfall in Hong Kong, August meets Tamara and have drinks with her at a bar where they exchange stories of their situation. While Tamara receives a phone call and leaves briefly, August steals her money and gives it to the Dragon for the cure. As he leaves the clinic, he is chased by Tamara and loses the cure to her. Tamara takes the cure and examines it, finding out that the contents are from a land with magic. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

As Regina tends to her chopped down apple tree, Mr. Gold approaches her and offers to make a deal with her to get rid of Emma, which Regina isn’t interested in doing so. She questions him on how he got Henry for her years before and Emma’s past in which he is equally evasive. As Mr. Gold walks away, Regina gives him a meaningful stare, suspecting that he may have remembered his past life in the Enchanted Forest. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Tamara returns to the Dragon's clinic and confronts him about the cure. She briefly tells him about her quest where she found many frauds around the world, but finally finding the real deal through him. The Dragon confronts her, knowing about everything and tries to transform into a dragon to attack her. Immediately, Tamara pulls out her magical taser and use it to kill the Dragon, leaving him for death. August finds the Dragon's course the following day. He packs up the Dragon's research on the Author and proceeds to find Neal Cassidy in New York City. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

At night, Mary Margaret goes on a date with Dr. Whale at Granny's Diner. However, after noticing that Dr. Whale is more interested in the diner's waitress, Ruby, Mary Margaret decides to end the date early. As she walks along the street, she notices Emma living in her car, reading a newspaper to find available places to stay in Storybrooke. She invites Emma to say at her loft. The following day, at the hospital, Mary Margaret notices Henry looking at the comatose John Doe while putting up decorations. Believing that John Doe is Prince Charming and Mary Margaret is Snow White, Henry asks Mary Margaret to read his storybook to the patient. At Granny's Diner, Emma convinces Mary Margaret to read the storybook to prove to Henry that the stories in it are not real. At the hospital, as Mary Margaret reads the contents of the book, John Doe grabs her hand. Shocked, she alerts Dr. Whale to check. Dr. Whale assures her that it's only her imagination and asks her to leave. After Mary Margaret leaves, Dr. Whale calls Regina and tells her about the sudden changes of John Doe. The next day, Mary Margaret tells Emma that John Doe may had woken up from this coma. They both, along with Henry, pays a visit to the hospital and finds out that John Doe had indeed woken up and had left the hospital without consent. Regina is called to the hospital as she is John Doe's emergency contact, along with Sheriff Humbert. Realizing Henry was together with Emma, Regina takes him home as Emma, Mary Margaret and Sheriff Humbert investigates the situation by viewing the security tapes and finds out that John Doe went out to the woods. The trio scouts the woods looking for John Doe and are joined by Henry later. Henry believes the patient is looking for Mary Margaret. They then find John Doe near the toll bridge and brings him back to the hospital where they encounter Regina with a women, Kathryn Nolan, who is John Doe's wife. The patient's name is revealed to be David Nolan. This devastates Mary Margaret as she had grown fond towards the patient. Emma doubts Regina's selfless and questions Kathryn's whereabouts when David went into a coma. Despite Regina claiming that the hospital security footage have evidence of David calling out for Kathryn in his coma, Emma still believes Regina is lying. Later in the evening, Emma goes to Mary Margaret's loft and agrees to Mary Margaret's offer to stay with her. ("Snow Falls")

The following day, Emma is offered a position of being a deputy by Sheriff Humbert but turns down his offer. At Granny's Diner, after spilling cocoa on her clothes, Emma encounters a pregnant Ashley Boyd in the dry room, crying about her and her baby's future. Emma encourages Ashley to take charge of her life for the better. Later that night, Ashley breaks into Mr Gold's Pawn Shop and steals a contract from his safe. Mr. Gold confronts her about it, but is attacked. The next day, Mr. Gold goes to Emma to help track Ashley down as she stole something valuable.Emma reluctantly agrees and learns from Ruby about Ashley's ex-boyfriend, Sean. After a quick visit to Sean and his father's house, Emma finds out that Sean, following his father's order, had decided to not get involved with Ashley's life. Shortly afterwards, Emma finds out that Ruby had given her car to Ashley to leave town for Boston. Along with Henry, Emma goes to the town line and finds Ruby's car crashed not too far from the town line with Ashley about to deliver. Emma brings Ashley to the hospital where she delivers a healthy baby girl. Through Mr. Gold, Emma finds out that Ashley's baby was the "valuable" that was stolen from his, through a contract. Instead of letting him take the baby, Emma makes a deal with him, a favor in the future. As Ashley tends to her baby, Sean visits her, hoping to make amends. He then names the baby Alexandra. At the mayor's residence, after having sexual intercourse with Regina, Sheriff Humbert receives a phone call from Emma, accepting the offer to become his deputy. ("The Price of Gold")

Dr. Archibald Hopper continues his evaluation on Henry who continues to convince him that he's Jiminy Cricket while Sheriff Humbert officiates Emma into his new deputy. Soon after, an explosion happens in town, creating a sinkhole at an abandoned mine. Emma, Henry, Dr. Hopper and Sheriff Humbert arrives at the site to see the damaged area as Regina tries to prevent people from going nearer to it. She comes across a piece of glass at the site and secretly hides it in her pocket. She becomes frustrated after finding out that Emma is Sheriff Humbert's new deputy and lashes out at Dr. Hopper and threatens to fire him if he does not put an end to Henry's fantasies. The following day, Dr.Hopper convinces Henry that his stories are not real, upsetting the boy. Emma pays Dr. Hopper a visit and finds out that Regina threatened his job if he fail to cure Henry's delusional. Henry, alone, goes down into the mines and investigates the site, finding a glass shard and keeps it in his backpack. Emma accuses Regina for threatening Dr. Hopper, but finds out from her that Henry had gone missing. Dr. Hopper suggests that Henry may had gone down into the mine alone. Meanwhile, Mary Margaret continues to visit David at the hospital. At the same time, Kathryn also visits David and shows him some pictures of their past life together to jog his memory. Mary Margaret notices that David is attracted to her, but feels threaten with Kathryn's presence, prompting Mary Margaret to resign from being a volunteer at the hospital. Dr. Hopper goes into the mines to search for Henry and finds the boy, but both gets trapped when an aftershock blocks the main entrance, injuring Dr. Hopper. At the top, Marco, Regina and Emma tries to blow up the main entrance as Dr. Hopper and Henry uses an elevator shaft to escape the mines. The blast from the explosion cause the elevator shaft falls even lower. Stuck at the bottom of the mine, Henry and Dr. Hopper have a heart-to-heart talk about Henry's fantasies. Above ground, Emma uses an opening of the elevator shaft to get to the bottom and rescues Henry and Dr. Hopper. Save upper ground, Dr. Hopper tells Regina that he will continue to evaluate Henry and threatens her that if she interferes, he will report her as an unfit mother for Henry. Regina backs down after Archie's threat and observes the piece of glass she obtain earlier and throws it down the shaft. The glass lands on a glass coffin, revealed as Snow White's coffin from the Enchanted Forest, hidden under Storybrooke. ("That Still Small Voice")

Kathryn brings David home for a home welcoming party with the other Storybrooke residents in an attempt to jog his memories. At the party, Henry tries to convince Emma that David's amnesia is keeping the curse from planting fake memories. Later that evening, David tells Mary Margaret that he loves her instead of Kathryn. Mary Margaret tells this to Emma, who tells her to let David figure out his life. Regina confronts Mary Margaret and tells her to stay away from David, who just left Kathryn. Hours later at the Storybrooke's Elementary School, David shows up to see Mary Margaret. Before she could turn him away, David tells her that he had made up his mind and asks her to join him later near the toll bridge where she found him on the night he disappeared. Later that evening, on the way to the toll bridge, David gets lost and asks Regina for directions. Wanting to prevent him and Mary Margaret to get together, she leads David to Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop. As David looks upon a windmill, he remembers his life with Kathryn. David meets up with Mary Margaret near the toll bridge and tells her that he regained his memories and wants to try to get back to his wife. Heartbroken, Mary Margaret leaves and goes to a cafe and have drinks with Dr. Whale while David goes home and reunites with Kathryn. Meanwhile, Emma covers the night shift and patrols the streets of Storybrooke. Passing by Regina's residence, she notices a figure escaping out a window. She chases the figure and finds out that it was Sheriff Humbert, having an affair with Regina. Disgusted with his actions, she angrily tells him that he can finish her shift instead. ("The Shepherd")

August meets up with Neal Cassidy in New York City and tells him that Emma is already in Storybrooke and that he was going there to join her. From a distance afar, Tamara somehow managed to track down August's whereabouts and spies on the two as they talk. Neal tells August about his fear that once the curse breaks, his father would come looking for him. In return, August tells him that when the curse breaks, he would send him a postcard to alert him. As August leaves for Storybrooke, Tamara intentionally make Neal spill coffee on her blouse to get closer with him in a scheme to get into Storybrooke. The two bonds and slowly engages into a romantic relationship. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

After First Curse

As the Wraith continues it's wrath on Storybrooke, Will Scarlet seeks shelter at Granny's Diner after stealing the keys from Leroy and Ashley. The Red Queen in Wonderland forces the White Rabbit to get to Will to lure him and Alice back to Wonderland. The White Rabbit arrives at the diner and asks Will to help rescue Alice. Unwilling at first, Will agrees to help upon finding out that Cyrus is still alive. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

In Victorian England, Dr. Lydgate questions Alice about her adventures in Wonderland and mentions about the White Rabbit, the murderous Red Queen and the deceased genie, Cyrus. Dr. Lydgate forces Alice to give up on her delusional fantasies, leading Alice to sign a contract for a procedure to get her memories of Wonderland erased. In her cell, she awaits for the treatment when Will breaks-in, hoping to free her. She makes the orderly get rid of him, but upon hearing that Cyrus is alive, Alice knocks down the orderlies and escapes the asylum with Will and the White Rabbit. Along the way, they run into Dr. Lydgate, who pleads Alice to stay, but pauses as he sees the White Rabbit talking, shocked while the rest of the orderlies chase them. Escaping to the marketplace, the White Rabbit digs a portal as the trio makes their way back to Wonderland. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

Arriving in Wonderland, Alice and Cyrus ends up in a Mallow Mash, stuck, while the White Rabbit search for help. Out of panic, Will struggles to be freed, which results in him sinking more. Using a dragonfly, Alice burns the top of the mellow for them to climb over to safety. On the road, the White Rabbit is caught by the Red Queen and brought to her castle for a quick chat. With the Red Queen's leverage on the White Rabbit, she threatens him to spy on Alice, or he'll be killed. As he leaves the castle, Jafar confronts the Red Queen about Alice's return and is happy that the Red Queen succeeded in bring her back. Jafar then tries to kill her as she is no longer useful to him, but stops after finding out that he isn't geographically skilled on Wonderland. Angrily, he leaves the castle on his flying carpet. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

Alice makes a deal with Will, that if he helps her find Cyrus, he would get a wish from her, to wish Will willingly accepts. The two begins to search for the Mad Hatter's house since the White Rabbit lied to them that Cyrus was spotted there by the Dormouse. When Alice climbs a tree to get a better view, Will steals her wishes while she is attacked by a far larger Cheshire Cat. She jumps back down and notices that her shoes, containing the wishes, and Will is missing but continues her fight with Cheshire. Before Cheshire kills her, Will returns and uses a size manipulation mushroom to shrink Cheshire to a kitten. Alice then tells Will that even though he stole the wish, he wouldn't be able to wish for anything unless it was given to him. The two then proceeds to the Mad Hatter's house and is joined by the White Rabbit. They search the house but do not find Cyrus. Will tells Alice that Cyrus may be dead, making her leave the house tearfully and finds Cyrus' amulet on the ground. Using it as proof that Cyrus is still alive, Alice, Will and the White Rabbit continues their search through a field in the distance. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

Before Second Curse
During Second Curse
After Second Curse
Before Third Curse
During Third Curse
After Third Curse
Before Fourth Curse

At Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop, he uses a deceased dragon's egg's scent to wake Mother Superior from her deep sleep. When it failed, Mr. Gold furiously storms out of the shop and Belle calms him down. Emma calls them back in as the scent worked and Mother Superior is slowly waking up. Mary Margaret talks to Mother Superior slowly and as she talks about the missing half of the wand, Mary Margaret impatiently tells her to not tell all of her secrets as she turns into the Black Fairy. David turns into Gideon and warns the others to not interfere. The Black Fairy kidnaps Mother Superior and brings her down to the mines, but Gideon failed to leave the premise as Mr. Gold placed a bracelet on his wrist to render his magic. Emma and Hook goes off to find Mary Margaret and David as Mr. Gold and Belle ties Gideon up to find out his heart's whereabouts. Gideon refuses to tell them as he's afraid to be punished by the Black Fairy. Meanwhile, at Regina's residence, Zelena tries to get used to not using magic, and fails. She releases frustration that without magic, she won't be able to protect Robin during the final battle. Regina decides to teach her how to drive a car, but is interrupted by a phone call from Mary Margaret, who was hoping to get the location of the missing half of the wand through the Blue Fairy's clue that was given. Emma comes to Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop to see if he knows anything about the missing half of the wand. Instead, using the Sands of Morpheus, Mr, Gold sends Gideon, Emma and himself to the Dream World. Regina immediately guesses that it's Granny's Diner. Regina, Mary Margaret, David and Hook tears down the diner in search of the missing half of the wand. At the mines, the Black Fairy entertains the trapped Mother Superior with tools capable of hurting her. As soon as David and Hook finds the missing half, Regina fixes the wand, but is interrupted by the presence of the Black Fairy who wants the wand. She and Regina duels on the streets, but Zelena runs down the Black Fairy with her car, angering her as she poofs away. ("The Black Fairy")

In the Dream World, Emma and Mr. Gold finds Gideon, but finds out that Gideon does not know where the Black Fairy is keeping his heart. Instead, he tells his father to find out the Black Fairy's deepest darkest secret, the reason why she gave him up. Together, the trio witness the Mr. Gold's past as a child, where they witness Fiona's transformation to a dark fairy and Mr. Gold's true destiny as a savior, one that Fiona cut ties with. Immediately, they wake up and is met with Regina and the wand. Regina gives the wand to Emma to defeat the Black Fairy, but Emma gives it to Mr. Gold, stating that he is the Savior that is meant to fight the Black Fairy. Mr. Gold goes and confronts her and tries to banish her back to the Dark Realm, but she shows him the remaining of her past that he did not witness while in the Dream World. He decides to not banish her, and instead, chooses to work with her. She forges a fake dark heart for him and also gives him Gideon's heart. With the forged dark heart, Mr. Gold shows it to Emma, Hook, Mary Margaret and David as proof that the Black Fairy is gone for good, surprising them as Mary Margaret proceeds with wedding plans for the following day. Mr. Gold returns Gideon's heart into his chest as he, Gideon and Belle embraces a hug. Later in the night, Hook asks Henry's help to be his best man at the wedding and gives him the wedding rings while Mr. Gold meets up with the Black Fairy to proceeds with her plans for Emma for the next day. ("The Black Fairy")

On her wedding day, Emma is told by Mary Margaret that her wedding dress from the Enchanted Forest survived the curse and is willing to give Emma the dress to wear, but the dress is ruined by the Black Fairy by turning in black. Surprised that the Black Fairy is still in Storybrooke, she taunts Emma, shocked that Emma thought Mr. Gold would actually banish his own mother. The Black Fairy demands that Emma surrenders her heart and threatens them with a curse that would strike at six in the evening. Regina and Zelena immediately starts working on ways to prevent the curse from being enacted while Emma bids goodbye to Hook as precaution if she dies in the hands of the Black Fairy. Hook confronts Mr. Gold at his pawnshop for not banishing the Black Fairy by knocking him out with dreamshade. The Black Fairy then angrily manifests herself at the shop and tells Hook that she’s willing to do anything to protect her family. At the Sheriff Station, Henry finds a cassette player with music that Emma hummed to back in 1991, but Emma assures him it’s nothing important and leaves. Upset that Emma may lose, Henry angrily throws his Once Upon a Time book on the ground and finds a new page added to the book, a scene between Snow White and Prince Charming with the Blue Fairy transferring the songs of everyone into the unborn Emma’s heart. ("The Song in Your Heart")

Meanwhile, Zelena makes Regina recall her first casting of the curse and ways to isolate the curse to stop time in order to buy them time to defeat the Black Fairy. Regina finds an ingredient capable of doing so, but is interrupted by Mr. Gold. Mr. Gold uses it on them and Emma’s family. At the Mayor’s office, Emma confronts the Black Fairy, but softens when the Black Family manifests David, Mary Margaret, Hook, Regina and Zelena into the office, frozen. The Black Fairy rips out Emma’s heart and tries to crush it, but fails. Henry enters the office moments later and shows Emma the new page, urging her to use the songs as a way to defeat the Black Fairy. Her song strengthens her, enough to wear off the immobilisation spell on her family. As Henry restores Emma’s heart, the Black Fairy assures her that the final battle will still take place. Emma and the rest then gets ready for her wedding. At a rooftop, in front of their guests, Emma and Hook exchanges vows and is officially pronounced as man and wife. Everyone at the wedding then breaks out in song, singing “A Happy Beginning” towards a new chapter in life. When the clock tower strikes six, the curse takes form and engulfs all of Storybrooke as Emma motions to a worried Hook that wherever the curse takes them, they will win in the end. ("The Song in Your Heart")

During Fourth Curse

The Black Fairy's curse reverts Storybrooke back to its original self during the Evil Queen's curse, with the residents unaware of the existence of magic. Henry awakens on the rooftop with his memories intact. He tries to convince the town's people about the Black Fairy, unaware the she, now going as Fiona, is the Mayor. Henry visits Emma who's locked up in Storybrooke's Mental Facility and pleads with her to remember her past life while Nurse Ratched gives Emma pills under Fiona's order. Henry uses his Once Upon a Time book to try and restore Emma's memories, but Fiona unexpectedly shows up at their meeting table and takes the book from Henry and asks him to return home. Before Henry leaves, he whispers into Emma's ears that the final battle is approaching. Fiona then visits Mr. Gold and his son, Gideon at their pawnshop with lunch, giving them emotional support following Belle's exit form the family. Despite the curse, Mr. Gold managed to retain his memory and refuses to believe that Belle left them. At the time, Henry breaks Emma out of her ward and shows her the rooftop where she got married, but Emma doubts it. Henry then breaks into Dr. Hopper's office to get back his Once Upon a Time book to show it to Emma, but is caught by Fiona and thrown down the stairs with a flick of her magic. As Henry is loaded into an ambulance, Mr. Gold meets up with Fiona to reopen the investigation on Belle and finds out that Fiona had forged photographs containing Belle travelling around the world. Despite this, Mr. Gold does not believe her. In the hospital, Fiona shows Emma the security footage of Henry falling down the stairs all for the sake of the book. Hoping to cure Henry of his delusional claims of magic, Emma, with the help of Fiona, burns the book. ("The Final Battle, Part 1")

Meanwhile, Mary Margaret, David, Neal, Regina and Hook find themselves back in the Enchanted Forest at the Royal Castle with no way back to Storybrooke. Travelling to the Dark Palace, they spy on Emma through Regina's mirror and witness Emma's brief conversation with Fiona, who wants Emma to burn the Once Upon a Time book for the sake of Henry. The group realize that the final battle is not an actual battle, but a fight for Emma's soul and believe. As they try to find a way back, Zelena strolls into the chamber with the Munchkins with Robin in a basket. Zelena tells them that she had to escape the Land of Oz through one of Jefferson's hats and takes them into the portal of doors to show them the destruction, but finds that the Land of Oz no longer exists. A few more worlds then wades out of existence with Mary Margaret believing that the Black Fairy's curse is using Emma's lack of believe to destroy all the worlds. Many refugees from different worlds gather in the portal of doors for safety, including Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, after Agrabah was destroyed. Regina manifests everyone back to her palace to plan a way to get back to Emma. Hook sneaks off from the group to the beanstalk, hoping to get a magic bean, but is followed by David. Together, they climb the stalk into the Giant's Liar and finds a bean left. At the same time, Regina discovers that the Evil Queen had taken residence at her palace after fleeing the Wish Realm and offers to help them. David and Hook climbs down the beanstalk but it becomes a challenge as the stalk begins to wobble due to the destruction of the land and an attack by a dragon. The black smoke destroys everything in its path as the rest of the group watches from the palace balcony, with Regina fearing that they way be too late. ("The Final Battle, Part 1")

In Storybrooke, Fiona shows the burnt Once Upon a Time book and gloats to Henry while Emma returns to her apartment in Boston where she discovers a hand-drawn storybook left by Henry to make her remember her past. Despite not being able to remember, she decides to head back to Storybrooke. Back in the Enchanted Forest, the beanstalk crumbles down with David and Hook. At the Dark Palace, Snow sense David in danger and gets help from Princess Jasmine and her Flying Carpet. The two arrives at the site of the fallen stalk and finds Hook instead. Snow instructs Hook to return to the palace and use the bean to get back to Emma while she and Princess Jasmine finds for David. They find David laying unconscious nearby, and with true love’s kiss, Snow brings David back to life. Meanwhile, Henry gets David’s sword from Mr. Gold and plans to defeat the Black Fairy himself. At the palace, Regina confronts Hook for leaving Snow and David behind and witness Henry wielding the sword, preparing to go into battle with the Black Fairy. Hook gives Regina the bean to get back to Storybrooke, but finds the bean dried up, drained off its magic properties. As they bicker, Snow and David returns and decides that everyone should head to the center of the palace, except the Evil Queen, who decides to stay behind to slow down the curse for them. At the same time, Henry goes to the mayor’s office to confront Fiona, but is reunited with Emma, who chooses to believe him. While Emma preps for her final battle, the rest back in the Enchanted Forest brace themselves as the curse consumes the palace, destroying everything in its path. The Evil Queen slows down the process, but eventually is destroyed by the curse and circles around everyone in the center, with the rest of Fairy Tale Land gone, but stops midway due to Emma’s sudden believe, sparing them. Meanwhile, Mr. Gold tracks down Belle to an abandoned house and finds her trapped there. Angered at Fiona’s deception, Mr. God confronts her, revealing that he still remembers his past. He uses her wand on her, turning her into dust which breaks her curse.

After Fourth Curse

Everyone regains their memories and the banished inhabitants are returned to Storybrooke as the other worlds destroyed by the curse are restored. Belle and Mr. Gold reunites, but Gideon still goes after Emma due to a spell Fiona placed on his heart. Emma and Gideon duels on the main street as Mr. Gold and Belle tries to find for Gideon’s heart. (Incomplete History for PART 2)

Years after her adventures in Wonderland, Alice writes a book about it. One day, she reads the book to her daughter and ends the book with Will and Anastasia as the rightful rulers of Wonderland, ruling as the White King and Queen. The girl is doubtful that such thing happened as it's impossible, but Alice contempts her daughter to believe the impossible as everything in her book is the truth. Moments later, Cyrus arrives with tea and joins his family. Afar, behind some tall grasses, the White Rabbit looks upon the happy family. ("And They Lived...")

Since graduating from high school, Henry decides to not go to college, going against Regina’s wishes. Henry wishes to travel to other realms in-search of his own story. Before he leaves, he trains with Hook on sword fighting as Emma watches them. Despite mastering the skill, Hook still beats Henry. As Henry grumbles in defeat, Hook consults Emma’s worries of Henry leaving her for another realm. Hook assures her that everything would be fine and shows her a message bottle which he intend to give Henry which could be used to contact them if he ever runs into danger. After gathering his things and borrowing August’s motorcycle, Henry bids farewell to Emma, Hook, David, and Mary Margaret and goes over to Regina’s place. He assures Regina to not worry, and after saying goodbye, Henry opens up a portal and rides through it to another realm. ("Hyperion Heights", "A Pirate's Life")

Before Fifth Curse

Years after Henry left Storybrooke, Henry rides through the woods of the Magical Forest in-preparation to go home through a portal. On the way, he crashes into Cinderella’s carriage, destroying it and scaring Felipe, Cinderella’s stead, away. As a form of an apology, Henry offers to help her get to a ball. Cinderella agrees, and after learning how Henry’s motorcycle works, she knocks him down and steals his motorcycle and pocket knife. At the moment, at an estate, Lady Tremaine captures Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and cuts off her wings as punishment for aiding Cinderella. Lady Tremaine takes away her wand and calls for her daughter, Drizella, into the chamber. As a teaching moment, Lady Tremaine tells Drizella that magic isn’t power as it could be taken, such as the Fairy Godmother’s. However, making an exception, Lady Tremaine uses the fairy’s wand and kills the Fairy Godmother, stunning Drizella. Afterwards, Lady Tremaine takes Drizella to a ball at the Prince’s castle with high hopes that the Prince would pick Drizella as his suitor. Henry tracks down Cinderella to the ball and finds out that she intends to the kill the Prince, learning that she and the Prince has a past which involves the death of her father. As Henry tries to stop her, he collapses from dizziness due to a drink he got from one of the waitress and is taken to a nearby hideout. The waitress reveals herself as Alice, who is working for Rumplestiltskin. She warns him that getting involved with other people’s story would have consequences, something that Rumplestiltskin is trying to prevent in order to protect Henry. Henry ignores the warning and goes back to the castle. Meanwhile, Cinderella threatens to kill the Prince, but backs away from her plan at the last minute and witnesses Lady Tremaine stabbing the Prince to death for rejecting Drizella. Lady Tremaine pins the Prince’s murder on Cinderella, forcing Cinderella and Henry to fight their way out of the castle. Agreeing to meet later in the woods to escape through a portal, Cinderella escapes the castle first while Henry fights off the guards. ("Hyperion Heights")

Cinderella makes her way to the agreed meet up location in the woods but is unable to find Henry. However, she is attacked by the Royal Guards. With help from Princess Tiana, she defeats the guards. Tiana introduces herself as the leader of a rebellion against Lady Tremaine and the Royal Family, and hopes Cinderella would join them. Initially not interested, Cinderella agrees after finding out that Lady Tremaine helped the Prince murder her father. Via the motorcycle, Cinderella and Tiana heads to a training camp, not before leaving one of her glasss slippers behind for Henry to find her. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

On horseback, Henry then makes his way to the agreed meet up location, only to find one of Cinderella’s glass slippers as the portal opens. Thinking the slipper was a sign, Henry decides to stay behind to find Cinderella. Henry is ambushed by Lady Tremaine and the Royal Guards. With nowhere to hide, he uses the message bottle given by Hook and calls for help from Regina, Emma and Hook before being captured. He is taken to Lady Tremaine’s estate and brought into Cinderella’s chamber. She forces Drizella to find out the whereabouts of Cinderella’s glass slipper that Henry took and to kill him once she gets an answer. Alone with the guards, Drizella takes out a pocket knife and tries to scare Henry into giving up the slipper’s location. Moments later, Regina and Hook arrives, with Hook killing the guards while Regina knocking out Drizella with her magic. Henry questions Emma’s whereabout, and Hook lies that she’s back in Storybrooke fighting dragons, much to Regina’s dismay. After escaping the estate, Regina tries to use a locator spell on the slipper, but finds that magic is different in the new realm. Hook volunteers to help out by seeking out pirates at a nearby port. Alone, he is attached by his Wish Realm self, who also got Henry’s message through his own message bottle. With the real Hook unconscious, he takes a bottle of blood from Hook and seeks out Lady Tremaine at her estate. At one glance, Lady Tremaine threatens him to leave, after what he done to her in the past. However, Hook makes a deal with her, youth for himself in-exchange for Henry’s departure from her realm. Happy with the deal, Lady Tremaine uses the Fairy Godmother’s wand and turns Hook back to his youthful form. He then goes to Henry and lies that he met Cinderella at the port, showing him a fake letter that shows Cinderella’s dislikeness towards him. Crushed, Henry wishes to be alone, but becomes suspicious of Hook’s behaviour. He questions if Emma is safe back in Storybrooke, with Hook giving an uneasy answer. Moments later, Emma arrives and tells Henry the truth, that she is pregnant. Hook, feeling guilty for attacking his original self, leaves Emma and Henry and goes back to the port to rescue him, but finds his original self gone. The real Hook then attacks him, angered with his actions. Despite his plea, Hook stabs his Wish Realm self, but regrets his action after finding out his Wish Realm’s past involving a Witch that captured his daughter. Hook calls for Emma’s help, but Emma is unable to use her magic in this realm. Instead, she asks Hook to believe in the impossible to help her heal him, which succeeds. Together, they head back to Henry and Regina. Emma suggests that the Wish Realm version of Hook to stay behind with Henry and work together to find Cinderella and his daughter while Regina, after encouragement from Henry, decides to stay behind as well. Bidding farewell, Emma and the real Hook departs the Magical Forest for Storybrooke as Henry, Regina, and Hook looks on. ("Hyperion Heights", "A Pirate's Life")

At a training camp, Cinderella settles in an armour and is introduced to Jeremiah, the truest believer of their mission. As Tiana and Cinderella talk about a mysterious artifact that recently arrived at Lady Tremaine's estate, they are met with Henry, Regina, and Hook, who located Cinderella through a locator spell, and willingly join the rebellion. That night, Cinderella, who knew what the mysterious artifact was, sneaks away from the campsite and into her former home and is greeted by Lady Tremaine. The two talks about their past involving Lady Tremaine's other daughter, Anastasia. The mysterious artifact is revealed as Anastasia's coffin, who Lady Tremaine plans to resurrect. She threatens Cinderella to rip out Henry's heart, an ingredient needed to resurrect Anastasia, as Henry possesses the heart of the truest believer. Cinderella returns to the campsite and tries to rip Henry's heart, but is unable to do so. She then changes plans and attempts to rip Jeremiah's heart instead, but is caught by Regina. Regina consoles Cinderella and prevents her from doing a mistake, like what she did years ago with Snow White. The next day, Cinderella tries to runaway, but Regina prevents her. Regina discovers Cinderella's past with her step-sister, Anastasia, who died at the age of fourteen. Regina and Cinderella then joins the others that are prepared to attack Lady Tremaine's estate. Cinderella tells them that it's a ruse and that Lady Tremaine knows about the rebellion. Regina backs up Cinderella by lying that she witness this through a mirror, forcing Tiana to call off the plan. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

During a time of upheaval, Henry runs thorough the woods of the Magical Forest to his hut and warns his daughter, Lucy, of a powerful threat chasing him. He gives her the Once Upon a Time book and sends her away as he fights the beast. The beast destroys everything in its path and disappears with Henry. Lucy later finds the wreckage and seeks Tiger Lily for help after failing to find her father. Tiger Lily assures her that she will reunite with her father, all in due time. Tiger Lily then instructs her to go to her mother. ("The Final Battle, Part 1", "The Final Battle, Part 2")

During Fifth Curse

In Seattle, Henry works as a cab driver, trying to make a living as a failed author after only successfully publishing one novel. During the night, as he try to write a chapter of his second book, he is visited by a young girl, Lucy, who claims is his daughter. Henry sets her straight that he isn’t while she convinces him that her neighbourhood, Hyperion Heights, is filled with cursed fairy tale characters, just like his Storybrooke, which he thinks is fictional due to the curse. Lucy then sneakingly steals Henry’s laptop and leaves a note. The next day, Henry finds the note, asking him to meet her at Roni’s Bar. At the moment, Jacinda, Lucy’s mother, rushes to Mr. Cluck’s as she is late for her job. For being late, she clashes with her boss and decides to quit. Arriving back at her shared apartment, she tells her roommate, Sabine, about the situation and finds out that Lucy is missing. Victoria Belfrey, Lucy’s step-grandmother, demands that proper steps to be taken to find Lucy. Henry arrives at Roni’s Bar, has a brief encounter with Tilly, and is then greeted with the owner, Roni, while Jacinda finds Lucy at a nearby wishing well. Jacinda retrieves Henry’s laptop from her and returns it to Henry at Roni’s Bar. As the two talk, they are interrupted by Victoria, who forces Jacinda to move Lucy into her home permanently as she finds Jacinda unfit to be a parent. Henry attempts to defuse the tension between them, but is warned by Victoria to stay out of her business. Tilly visits Detective Weaver and tells him about Henry’s arrival into their neighbourhood. Jacinta later takes Lucy and tries to leave Hyperion Heights, but her car breaks down halfway while Henry finds his car stolen. Henry goes to a nearby station and gets help from Officer Rogers, but the investigation is interrupted when Victoria recruits Officer Rogers to help find Jacinda and Lucy. Victoria tempts Henry into telling her his opinion on the situation, and where he thinks she has gone too. Using that information, Victoria sends Officer Rogers and her daughter, Ivy, to get Lucy. As Lucy persuades Jacinda to not leave Hyperion Heights, Officer Rogers and Ivy arrives, with Ivy taking Lucy’s Once Upon a Time novel and handing it over to Officer Rogers for evidence claim. Lucy is then returned to Victoria, and Jacinda forces herself to get back her job at Mr. Cluck’s. Before placing the Once Upon a Time novel into evidence, Officer Rogers browses through and notices a page with a picture of Emma Swan, and feels like he has met her before. He then finds out that Victoria pulled some strings and promoted him to a detective, and has a new partner: Detective Weaver. Victoria then goes to Roni’s Bar to get a confirmation on Roni’s decision in selling the bar to her and is displeased when Roni decides to not sell. Before leaving the bar, Victoria threatens Roni that she will regret her decision, much to Roni’s dismay. ("Hyperion Heights")

Detective Rogers visits Henry at his apartment to find out more about the women in the Once Upon a Time novel, but Henry insists that the novel is purely fictional and isn’t based on anyone. Before Detective Rogers leaves, Henry questions Jacinda’s and Lucy’s well-being, and finds out that he messed up. At the time, Jacinda shows up at Belfrey Towers to get a ticket for Lucy’s ballet recital and finds out that Victoria made the recital into a charity, with the tickets costing over five hundred. Determined to see Lucy perform, Jacinda gets help from Sabine, who suggests to work extra jobs for the day to earn enough to buy a ticket. Meanwhile, Victoria recruits Detective Weaver and Detective Rogers to find a way to get rid of Henry from Hyperion Heights while Henry tries apologising to Jacinda in Roni’s Bar, but Jacinda refuses to accept his apology. Later, Jacinda finds out from Sabine that a job opening as a caterer at Lucy’s recital is available, prompting both Jacinda and Sabine in joining. Before the recital, Jacinda finds out that Henry, who’s also working at the recital as a bartender, made the opening for Jacinda as a form of an apology. With Henry away, Detective Weaver and Detective Rogers searches his apartment to find any form of evidence to get rid of Henry, with Detective Rogers finding and taking a swan keychain with him. During the ballet recital, Victoria notices Henry talking to Jacinda and Lucy, angered, she calls Detective Weaver to get there. Proposing a plan to frame Henry, Detective Weaver takes Victoria’s bracelet and forces Detective Rogers to plant it in Henry’s pocket. With everyone focusing at the recital, Detective purposely bumps into Henry, but places the swan keychain instead, into his pocket. After the recital, Detective Weaver takes command and tells the guests to remain still as he intends to search the workers for the missing bracelet, but he finds that Henry only has a keychain, not the bracelet. Detective Weaver later questions Detective Rogers, and learns that Detective Rogers is an honest person, and is pleased. In a meeting with Victoria, Detective Weaver mentions to her that she does not owns him after she voices out her dissatisfaction for failing to frame Henry. Jacinda meets up with Henry at Roni’s Bar and finally decides to forgive him before leaving for work. Afterwards, Detective Rogers joins Henry and Roni for drinks in the bar, with the trio teaming up to take down Victoria Belfrey. ("A Pirate's Life")

The next day, in their shared apartment, Sabine consoles Jacinda, who is sad after being separated from Lucy.